Fair Production Sdn Bhd is the largest wooden furniture manufacturer that often remains at the forefront of understanding customers’ perception of comfort and aesthetics. With over 32 years’ experience of quality craftsmanship, we pride ourselves on being a reliable manufacturer of wardrobe, bed, sofa, table, cabinet, bookshelf and much more.


Being a reputable wooden furniture manufacturer, each of this furniture is beautifully designed for maximum durability, functionality and comfort. From bathroom set to kitchen, living room series and office furniture, we strive to produce classic and contemporary pieces to adorn any home and workplace. As the top furniture exporter in Malaysia, we make sure our products conform to required international standards and also give topmost priority to both quality and durability. Our team of designers and craftsmen works hand in hand throughout the sourcing and manufacturing process. Each of them is incredibly skilled and passionate about creating the highest quality wood furniture to enhance the visual appeal of your home. Since wooden furniture is a major investment, we ensure customers get the best value for their money. Apart from the craftsmanship, all of our wooden furniture is made from high grade wood, ensuring all the furniture is durable and robust enough to endure everyday knocks and bumps. With cutting-edge technology, all the furniture is treated with water-resistant protection or finished with catalyzed lacquer to endure the test of time. We strongly believe that in order to produce the best, we have to use the best!


Best of all, we do provide customization on every piece of furniture, so as to fulfill the needs and specifications of each individual customers. Other than that, we provide affordable wooden furniture for every budget, without compromising on quality. Indeed, at Fair Production, you will discover an amazing selection of furniture to furnish your home as well as the workplace.